Fine Arts Fiesta Film, 1961

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Fine Arts Fiesta Film, 1961


The Fine Arts Fiesta started as a three-day festival on May 24th, May 25th, and May 26th, 1956 in Public Square to celebrate the Sesquicentennial of Wilkes-Barre, PA formally being incorporated in 1806. The festival was designed to be a celebration of Wyoming Valley art, music, dance, and culture. The founders for the festival were Annette Evans and Al Groh who were Board members of the committee. According to Annette Evans, the festival was designed to "place Wilkes-Barre on par with the top gay festivals of Europe, South America, and the United States." The festival became an annual tradition ever since.

This 1961 film for the Fine Arts Fiesta event is approximately 11 minutes long with no sound except for 03:27-05;20, and from 07:06-07:49 for two performances. The festival ran over four days, May 18-21, 1961 and the theme was the Renaissance. Miss Evans appointed John F. McAndrew and Alice Welsh Jenkins as chairman of arrangements and design, and Mrs. H.B. Schooley as chairman of program.
Member organizations in the 1961 Fine Arts Fiesta included : Wyoming Valley Art League, American Institute of Architects (Northeastern Pennsylvania chapter), Osterhout Library, Hoyt Library, Back Mountain Library, Garden Club of Wyoming Valley, Wyoming Valley Playground and Recreation Association, Wilkes-Barre Camera Club, West Side Flower Club, Crafts of Wyoming Valley, Dolls of Wyoming Valley, Wyoming Historical and Genealogical Society, Sculptors Association of Wyoming Valley, and the Junior League of Wilkes-Barre.

Music member organizations included the Wilkes-Barre Philarhomic Orchestra, Philharmonic String Quartet, Wilkes College Department of Music and Drama, Kings College Drama Department, Music Departments of Wilkes-Barre schools, nationality groups of the Wyoming Valley, Concordia Singing Society, Orpheus Singing Society, Apollo Singing Society, Wyoming Valley Oratorio Society, Little Theater of Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes-Barre Ballet Guild, Wyoming Valley Opera Guild, and Drama Guild of the Jewish Community Center.

Featured in the film is Ferdinand Liva, conductor of the Wilkes-Barre Philharmonic Orchestra and the Wilkes College Chamber Music Ensemble.

The principal address for the opening of the festival was delivered by Miss Frances Dorrance. Duard Slattery, Academy Film winner was guest of honor. Dr. Eugene S. Farley, Mayor Frank Slattery, and Leon Schwartz were also on the program.

A pageant of the "Seven Arts" (Literature, Drama, Sculpture, Music, Painting, Dance, and Architecture) was featured in the opening ceremonies, with seven women dressed in costume to represent the seven focuses of the festival. Costume designs were under the direction of Mrs. Stefan Hellerspeck, and Mrs. Vincent Znaniecki, assisted by Mrs. J.F. Funke and Miss Marion Hogg.


Fine Arts Fiesta